Meet the Team

Skills 4 Life is operated by a small yet passionate team of full-time caretakers, volunteers and advisors who bring years of experience from various fields in order to help everyone succeed with their journey of growth and change.

Dominique Leutwiler - Founder

image of Dominique

Leading the team behind Skills 4 Life Foundation is Dominique who is also the founder and looks after the day to day operations while also engaging in various fundraising initiatives.


Anurak Hutasing - Director

image of Anurak

Appointed as the director of Skills 4 Life Foundation, Anurak brings with him years of experience working in a multitude of industries and provides valuable guidance and direction for the team.


Ann Amann - Advisory Panel Member

image of Ann

Author, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Ann provides invaluable direction in areas of marketing and communications for the foundation through her extensive experience and professional background.


Joanna MacLean - Advisory Panel Member

image of Joanna

Long-time Chiang Mai resident, anthropologist, photographer and so many more areas of expertise, Joanna is a valauble member on the advisory board for the foundation who offers up her knowledge and time to support our students in their journey.


Manfred Ilg - Advisory Panel Member

image of Manfred

Seasoned hospitality veteran and hotelier, Manfred has joined the advisory board to share his extensive knowledge, background and experience from the industry. In addition to his advisory role, he also regularly helps with fundraising and connecting the foundation with his networks.


Larry Simon - Advisory Panel Member

image of Larry

Joining the team from his Australian base, Larry has spent much of his career on his professional development and now holds a myriad of technical and managerial qualifications, as well as paarticipation in other non-profit organizations and provides valued input for Skills 4 Life's teams.


Anchana Kosawantana - Administrator

image of Anchana

As the administrator of the foundation, Anchana can often be found right in the midst of everything, be it from office duties, giving the students guidance and support and overseeing various financial and legal areas that concern the intricacies of running a non-profit in Thailand.


Vincent Leutwiler - Marketing Communications Manager

image of Vincent

Joining the team to help with communications and getting the word out is Vincent who has an extensive background in hotel and hospitality within Thailand, as well as communications in many mediums and supports the foundation by driving this department to success.