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One Life, One Chance

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Skills 4 Life aims to fill the academic and social void that orphaned teenagers often face due to a lack of education and family support, thus breaking the cycle of vulnerability and exploitation.

Established in 2014, as a results-driven NGO empowering orphaned youth for an independent future, we focus on providing vocational training and job opportunities for underprivileged, orphaned Hill Tribe youths from around Chiang Mai, Thailand. Orphaned or abandoned teenagers face a desperate reality; upon completion of Grade 9 (M3), the orphanages relinquish their responsibility and release the teenagers from their care who then face the terrifying reality of suddenly being disenfranchised and left to fend for themselves. They don’t have any family or institutional support system to turn to for help, and neither do they have a place to call home.

We provide a solid foundation that gives orphaned teenagers the life skills they need to confidently lead self-sufficient lives and become contributing members of society.