We need your help!

Through the continued help and support of various individuals, organizations, companies and others, Skills 4 Life has been able to sustain its existance and provide support for the students enrolled into our program. Here's what some have said:

portrait of student

"Being part of Skills 4 Life allows me to improve my own life so I can help others. I enjoy studying human psychology and want to go on to do a Masters Degree so that hopefully one day I can help children and their development."
22 years old, Studying Organisation Psychology Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

Running the operations and day to day with 30 students enrolled with us at all times incurs a variety of costs and expenses, which we rely on almost exclusively for donations to keep going.

We are supported by the following organizations:

How you can help us

There are numerous costs involved to keep everything going and to ensure that we can continue to provide a future for the students who are enrolled with us for the duration of their vocational education. You will find some of our recurring expenses as follows:

Full sponsorship for 1 student per month 5,500 THB / 175 USD
Broadband internet per month 3,000 THB / 100 USD
Meals for 1 student per month 3,000 THB / 100 USD
Rent for accommodation of students per month 30,000 THB / 1,000 USD

These are just some of the various items which require funding, and we are very grateful for the support we can get, be it for something specific as outlined above or just a general donation which we will allocate according to our needs.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute financially, you can reach out to us by email, or proceed to make a donation through a direct bank transfer with the provided details below.

Bank Transfer

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

Branch: Airport Plaza Chiang Mai
Account number: 613-029646-7
Account name: Skills for Life Foundation
Routing Number: 026 008 691