The Skills for Life Foundation in Chiang Mai (“Skills” in short) is a fairly new organisation still developing its full reach and full potential. Although several years of experience in providing vocational training to adolescent members of the hill tribes around Chiang Mai exist Skills has acknowledged the need for further improvement to training programs, governance and many other areas of interest.

The Board of Skills came to a very simple but nevertheless important conclusion: We cannot provide successful ideas and develop meaningful and useful plans for improvement just relying on our own capabilities. Skills needs the input of others to develop new approaches and facilitate the need of permanent adaptation to changing demands.

The volunteer program has been identified as one of the most important drivers of change and improvement. Therefore the Foundation invites applications from interested individuals as well as groups to visit us in Chiang Mai or – if feasible – contribute via remote engagement. Some of the topics could be even of interest to individuals preparing a paper, a thesis, a project outcome or conducting research in the areas of education, vocational training, marketing, web development, hospitality, tourism or business management.

Please check the table of projects and if you cannot match your ideas with one of the projects listed then talk to us. The team of Skills is always open to suggestions.

Volunteer Project Ideas (pdf, opens in new tab)