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A few words from our students

  • Miss Nongkran Jaju (Ning)

    I got the good chance from Skills for Life to study as the other children in town. I can choose to study as my skill with the guidance after M3. I have a warm house to stay and it is sanitary. Skills for life pay so many expenses for me such as school fee, education materials, food and other daily use things. I can express my opinion in the meeting and they listen the children’s opinion.
  • Miss Orn-u-ma Leepor (Orn)

    Skills for Life give the chance to me and other disadvantage children to study more after M3. I have the chance to study as my skill and I wish I would be supported to study till bachelor degree. Skills supported many of my expenses such as school fee, education materials, food, pocket money, …, etc
  • Miss Prattana Sandaen (Kuang)

    Skills for Life give me the chance to study more after M3 as the other children and study as my aptitude. I have enough food to eat, have a warm house to stay, have some pocket money to buy daily use things such as shampoo, soap, …, etc and also for some snack. I was guided to know how to live in town.
  • Mr. Nutthachai Thaisamut (Boy)

    Skills for life provides a very good house and many facilities to us. Foundation pays my school fee, uniforms, education materials, food and gives money to buy some daily use things and for snack.I can touch love and warm from everyone who staying in the same house. I was guided to think more and know how to spend my life in the correct way. I learn how to live in my difficult life and save money for the unknown future. I was encouraged to do what I could not do.Skills for life try to give us the opportunity to communicate with foreigner volunteers, to work in a group with them and dare to express my idea. Then Now I have more skills of speaking and listening English

Student In focus

  • Boy playing golf

    Boy (Nutthachai Thaisamut)

    Some background on Boy

    • Date of Birth: 1995
    • Place of Birth: Not identified, near Chiang Rai
    • Parents: Father died when Boy was eight years old, mother died the following year. Both grandparents have also passed away
    • Upbringing: In state and privately funded orphanages and schools
    • English skills: Good, simple conversational level, mostly self taught
    • Current status: Studies in second year at Rajabhat University, majoring in Tourism and Hospitality. Will finish degree in 2018.

    Boy was born as the only child of a poor but functional northern Thai family. At the age of eight Boy lost first his father and in the following year his mother and was moved to privately and state funded orphanages where he grew up.

    A few years after his parents’ death his grandfather passed away. Disaster struck again when his grandmother drowned while trying to pick vegetables at the river bank. Boy is now a complete orphan without any relatives.

    Unsurprisingly Boy suffered from severe bouts of depression but thanks to the support of staff at Skills for Life he is now a lively and bubbly young man full of future plans.

    Boy's dreams for the future

    • Finish his degree in Tourism and Hospitality by 2018
    • Improve his English language skills
    • Start working as a tour guide or at a hotel in Chiang Mai in the areas of administration, marketing and sales or even management.
    • Have his own family

Recent post from our students

  • Amee | Student Voices


    The first thing that skills for life give to me is the very good chance in dual project of hotel business – study and work.Because of this project I got so many experiences in hotel business. I am a very lucky girl. Skills for Life House is not only a normal shelter home – it is the house that is full of love, and warmth, even we are from different tribes and different family. Although sometimes we disagree.