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Bosch’s Support In The News

On 1st May The Nation reported on Bosch’s support for Skills For Life Foundation. You can read more about what Joseph Hong, managing director of Bosch (Thailand), has to say his commitment here.

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Miss Prattana Sandaen (Kuang)

Skills for Life give me the chance to study more after M3 as the other children and study as my aptitude. I have enough food to eat, have a warm house to stay, have some pocket money to buy daily use things such as shampoo, soap, …, etc and also for some snack. I was

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Miss Nongkran Jaju (Ning)

I got the good chance from Skills for Life to study as the other children in town. I can choose to study as my skill with the guidance after M3. I have a warm house to stay and it is sanitary. Skills for life pay so many expenses for me such as school fee, education

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Miss Orn-u-ma Leepor (Orn)

Skills for Life give the chance to me and other disadvantage children to study more after M3. I have the chance to study as my skill and I wish I would be supported to study till bachelor degree. Skills supported many of my expenses such as school fee, education materials, food, pocket money, …, etc

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Mr. Nutthachai Thaisamut (Boy)

Skills for life provides a very good house and many facilities to us. Foundation pays my school fee, uniforms, education materials, food and gives money to buy some daily use things and for snack.

I can touch love and warm from everyone who staying in the same house. I was guided to think more and know how to spend my life in the correct way. I learn how to live in my difficult life and save money for the unknown future. I was encouraged to do what I could not do.

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