About Us

  • WHAT

    to provide vocational training and job opportunities for underprivileged youth from Hill Tribes around Chiang Mai

  • WHO

    the program is open for students who have been educated within a school system up to Grade 9 (M3) and who are ready for further skills training.

  • WHY

    to break the cycle of poverty and give continuing support for these young adults in learning skills that will help them to provide for themselves and for their families


    to seek job opportunities for the youth in and around Chiang Mai and to establish additional opportunities as appropriate.

  • WHEN

    the program is already up and running with some basic skills training in key areas. Other skill and study subjects are in the planning stage to be incorporated into the overall program.

  • HOW

    additional financial and administrative support is being sought for this expansion of the program, and an expanded network of links to the business community is being actively pursued. The first steps are also being taken to establish a Vocational Training Institute under the Skills for Life Foundation.

Where we are now

Thanks to our supporters and donors we have rented two houses, one with an office, and kitted them out with basic furnshings. That means our 19 students now have somewhere safe to sleep and study.

There have already been visits from overseas students who have assisted in setting up small projects with the students with an aim to bring in some income.

Other donors, from Thailand and abroad, have kindly covered the study costs for some of the students.

Next Steps

One of the main aims is to prepare the students for employment after their schooling has finished and we are focusing on finding partners to help place the students in the very near future.

Can you help?

Can you help with placements?  Or with sponsorship of a student?  Maybe you have some professional skills that the Foundation can use? Or an idea for an income generating project?

If so we’d love to hear from you! You can email Dominique directly on dominique@skills4life-asia.org or get in contact via the online form in Contact Us.